Sigrid von Broich



Waiting for Sheikh Abdul-Aziz


  Memoirs between East and West,

Orient and Occident




Vol. I + II + III


Vol. I: At the pendular of world politics

  Vol. II: The Master Spy of Beirut 

Vol. III:  Hostage in Moscow



An uninterrupted hunt starts, when Nikola, once the Kremlin's darling, becomes a political refugee. He is not allowed to reveal the secret around the gold of the USSR. Sheikh Abdul-Aziz, brother-in-law of Saudi Arabia's King Faisal, wants to rescue him. But suddenly he turns silent ...

Dragged into the events, the meeting with the Soviet master spy of Beirut ends almost in a disaster for the authoress. But the Lebanese Druze prince and politician Kamal Jumblatt, becoming shortly afterwards her uncle, holds his protecting hand over her ...

In spite of that, the drama takes its course.



Revelations of dramatic international events which took place forty years ago, when the authoress lived in the Middle East. What was the King of Saudi Arabia aiming at? What did the Soviet Union do with its gold, while bankers and the international press were puzzling over that? What did ridiculed scientists undertake to counteract the climatic catastrophe, estimated in a secret “Pentagon Report” for the period around the years 2034-36,  and which significant role was a fuel-free motor to assume in all of that?


In three volumes, the authoress tells of her breathtaking experiences, traces of which lead to Saudi Arabia. "... And I was, sometimes active, sometimes passive, a historical eye-witness ..."



 3rd, enlarged edition (August 2010) 




I – 368 p. (2009/2010).

ISBN   978-3-8370-7464-2                      €  23,70

II – 472 p. (2009/2010).

ISBN  978-38370-9834-1                        €  29,90

III - 172 p.  (2010)

ISBN  978-3-8391-4850-1                       €  15,70



BOD Books on Demand publishers, Norderstedt, Germany


Original Title:

WARTEN AUF SCHEICH ABDUL-AZIZ. Memoiren zwischen Ost und West



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